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The price of a commissioned painting depends on size and effort (amount of details and time I need for it). To make a concrete price suggestion I need a detailed description of your wishes, maybe reference pictures, etc. Also let me know what size you would like to have.

Here’s an approximate schedule for orientation:

20 x 30 cm / 8x12" – starting at 300 €

30 x 40 cm / 12x16" – starting at 500 €

40 x 60 cm / 16x24" – starting at 800 €

50 x 70 cm / 20x28” – starting at 1000 €

60 x 80 cm / 24x32" – starting at 1300 €

70 x 100 cm / 28x40" – starting at 1500 €

120 x 80 cm / 32x47” – starting at 1800 €

I ship worldwide! Thanks to a print on demand service my print orders are fulfilled at the closest production center. This guarantees fast shipping periods and avoids customs. See my Shipping Policy.

The "fine art papers" I use for my prints are Museum-Quality Matte Paper Posters. It is a premium quality heavyweight (~250 gsm / 110 lb) paper with a matte, smooth and clean finish.

Here's a list of all available phone-models: I offer soft cases for almost all phone models. These phone cases are flexible and almost unbreakable. Our Soft cases are made of TPU. 

After having ordered, you will automatically receive a confirmation email. Depending on what you ordered I will need some days to pack it, ship it - or if it's a print I will pass it on to my production partner. Please be patient and keep in mind that I am doing everything on my own and don't have employees.

Once your order is shipped you will receive a mail with shipping information, so you can track your order :)